If you are interested in any of the following, please register below. Please reference our chart below for level of your athlete or child to put on the registration form.

Competitive TNT (Power tumbling, trampoline and double mini trampoline)

This is geared toward our team program which will travel and compete in TNT gymnastics.  Team athletes will be required to train at least 4 hours a week and will be grouped by level, not age, until we have enough of each age to group them by age and level. There has never been a power tumbling/trampoline team here in San Angelo and RISE cannot wait to have a team prepared to compete on the national level.

Cheer Tumbling and Jumps

This is a cheer-based tumbling class including jumps and eventually basic stunting. We will teach proper tumbling techniques which is overly important for cheerleaders who tumble on basketball floors, football fields, and dead mat. This class will also include cheer specific flexibility and strength training.

Developmental Program

Ages 3-5.  Basic tumbling, trampoline, small bar, small beam, small ninja obstacle course, flexibility and strength training.

Recreational power tumbling, trampoline, double mini

Fundamentals to the max, including training the most important body shapes for tumbling and trampoline. Skills by level with perfect progression is the goal.  Tumbling and trampoline requires incredible core strength and flexibility so each class, no matter the age or level, will include conditioning and flexibility. As an athlete completes skill progressions for each level, they will move up in skill levels.

Home school program

Tumbling and trampoline home school program will have classes during the day before 4 o’clock. This class is available for athletes who are not in school during day hours.  Tumbling, trampoline, flexibility and strength training.


  • Bunny Hop (forward, backward)
  • Bear Walk (forward, backward)
  • Front Roll (tuck, straddle, criss cross)
  • Running Front Roll
  • Skip (Forward)
  • Hop on 1 foot (right, left)
  • Jump Around Cartwheel
  • Back Roll on Incline
  • Push up Back Bend
  • Pencil Rolls